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Mountain Bike Front Beam Phone Holder Saddle Bag

Mountain Bike Front Beam Phone Holder Saddle Bag - Oli's Trading Post

Mountain Bike Front Beam Phone Holder Saddle Bag

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This Handy Bicycle Bag makes it easy to see your phone for changing your playlist or seeing your navigation. The touchscreen works through the waterproof screen also has 2 pouches for your gear.

The complete fit of the mobile phone and the touch screen film, the close connection between the Mobile Phone Bag and the double-sided bag depends on the velcro hidden in it.

The Phone Holder Saddle Bag is secured with a separate rubber slider, requiring only a slight click and the rubber-to-metal contact is less likely to rock. When you touch the screen, it feels like you are directly touching its content, and with a lens hood, you can also prevent light and glare.

The large area of ​​the car is made of oxford composite material, which further improves the firmness while ensuring a certain toughness and also has a slight resistance to water.
The innovative design, which offers more possibilities for the Mountain Bike Front Beam Phone Holder, improves the overall aesthetics and adds the storage capacity of the Phone Holder Saddle Bag.

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