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LED Therapy Facial Massager

LED Therapy Facial Massager - Oli's Trading Post

LED Therapy Facial Massager

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6 in1 Ultrasound Body EMS is a method of electrical perforation, which can create cell and cell gap in a short time so that nutrients can be directly transported to the skin surface and dermis.

Electrical Pulse Piercing is the opening of the skin cells through the electrical pulse for a short time to form the nutrient input channel, so that the essence of skin care products can be directly imported into the dermis.

Slimming Photon LED Therapy Facial Massager comes with high-frequency micro-shock, deep penetration of the muscular fundus, nutrition introduction, relax the skin, stimulate skin activity, soften skin. Ultrasound power, energy, high-frequency vibration can make skin cells vibrate, re-stimulate a lot of stopped or very weak physiological activities.

  • The sound waves produced by the Ultrasound Facial Machine resonate well above our hearing level and move too quickly for our nerve endings to register.
  • The intensive rejuvenating cyclic sound waves penetrate below the skin reaching the dermis and will not cause the user any discomfort or unusual side effects.


  • Product weight: 800g
  • Working environment: 5-40 ℃
  • Instrument size: 262mm*192mm*72mm (probe diameter 56 mm)
  • Electrical Safety: Power Source Classified as Class Double Insulation

Skin Renewal LED Wavelength (optional)

  • Red light: 6253nm
  • Greenlight: 5253nm
  • Blue lamp: 465±3nm
  • Tri-color combination lamp: 5923nm
  • Functions: Ultrasound, EMS, Ion Import, Ion Export, Color Glove,
  • Magic Glove
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