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Colorful Dog Leash

Colorful Dog Leash - Oli's Trading Post

Colorful Dog Leash

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Your dog may need more than just a simple collar and leash to wear for a walk or an outing. They may need to use a harness as well. A harness helps with control and safety issues. Take these Colorful Dog Leashes when you are deciding whether to purchase a harness for your dog.

These Colorful Dog Harnesses are dog friendly because they won’t choke your dog while on the leash. They also have a handle if you need to take control or pick them up in an emergency. Colorful Dog Leash will also work if you have a short seat belt leash to keep them safe and out of your way while in your vehicle. 


  • Material: diving cloth + hardware
  • Although dogs can be trained to follow the rules of good behavior when on a leash, wearing a harness gives you more control when training your dog.
  • It is easier to attach the leash to the back or chest of an excitable dog than it is to one wiggling his head around in anticipation, or because he doesn’t like the leash.
  • If training is easier, the dog will learn to associate the harness and leash with the pleasant experience of going on an outing with someone they love.
SIZE(cm) bust(cm) Neck circumference(cm)
S 35-41 32-39
M 43-50 39-45
L 47-57 44-55
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